Vizi Instructor wins Prestigious Teaching Award

Holly Dickin - Math

Holly Dickin
2014 Lawhead Award Winner

Holly Dickin Wins the Lawhead Award

For Immediate Release – October 8, 2014

Holly Dickin, an early Vizi adopter and an instructor of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State University, is the winner of the 2014 Lawhead Award in General Education at Ball State University.  The award is given to one Ball State faculty member each year to recognize outstanding and innovative teachers at Ball State.  Holly uses Vizi’s Math in the Liberal Arts text as the primary resource in her course.  With the help of Vizi’s online, interactive resource, she flipped her classroom two years ago and now uses her in-class time to engage students with exercises and discussions of real-life examples.  Speaking of her new class format, enabled by Vizi’s text, Ms. Dickin says, “I appreciate being able to regularly watch my students think and work through problems.  With Vizi, my students show up to class ready to participate in deeper discussion, and the results speak for themselves.”

Nominated by peers and supported by consistent feedback from her students, Holly Dickin represents the very best of educators.  At a reception held yesterday to honor this year’s Lawhead Award winner, Dr. Marilyn Buck, Associate Provost and Dean of University College, praised Holly’s commitment to her students and her constant drive for improvement in her classroom.  In her remarks, Holly attributed much of her success to a strong group of instructors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and their openness to taking on new challenges.  “It is great to represent our department in receiving this award.  The student-focused commitment of my colleagues makes it possible for us all to better reach our students.  That is one reason I became a teacher in the first place.” said Dickin.  That student-centered approach led the department to adopt Vizi as one of their core resources and to make it available to all  students, arming them with the information they need in a format that is more engaging and results in increased study.

The Lawhead Award in General Education is named for the late Dr. Victor Lawhead, who served as Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Ball State from 1963 to 1984, and his wife Mrs. Dorris Lawhead.  The award has been given each year since 1990 and recognizes faculty who enhance the University’s reputation as a strong teaching university.  Holly is one of six recipients of the Lawhead Award with ties to Vizi.  Dr. Paul Ranieri (English, 1993), Dr. William Rogers (Biology, 1996), Dr. Melinda Messineo (Sociology, 2003), Dr. Mellisa Holtzman (Sociology, 2007) and Robin Rufatto (Math, 2008) are all authors (and adopters) of Vizi texts and Lawhead Award recipients. Great teachers choose Vizi!

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Steve Davis, Vice President