How it Works (FAQ)

Faculty FAQs

How can Vizi help me organize my semester?

Vizi allows instructors alternatives to select and control the flow of information to allow the teacher to go deeper and wider into subject areas of their choice.

Does Vizi help improve learning outcomes?

Yes. The research is in! Vizi improves learning outcomes and students prefer Vizi to traditional texts.

Why does Vizi help improve learning?

It’s all about student engagement. Vizi provides students with a point of reference from which to build a deeper understanding of subject matter.

Do my students still need their traditional textbooks?

You now have a choice. Vizi is textbook-independent. Vizi can be paired with any textbook or supplemental reading that an instructor chooses to use. In some cases, instructors choose to replace the traditional textbook with Vizi.

Can I know if my students are using Vizi?

Yes. Vizi offers analytics for instructors to monitor student interaction with the courseware and even provides daily student usage reports.

Can I access assignments/assessments the students submit in Vizi?

Yes. Vizi provides a Faculty Interface to view assignments students submit within Vizi. As the instructor, you will be able to sort the responses by student or by assignment. In addition to viewing the students’ answers, you will be able to view the questions, along with recommended responses and timestamps of when the students submitted answers. You can view the responses online, or you have a variety of options to export the responses: PDF, Excel file, Word doc, or CSV file.

Who should Vizi-users contact if they experience a technical issue?

Vizi is sophisticated technology. While the interface has been tested, as with any digital platform, it is possible for technical errors to occur. If a technical problem occurs, an error message will appear and the user will be prompted to submit a support ticket by using the Support Request link in the Faculty Interface or in the Table of Contents. Please be as descriptive as possible when submitting a support request so that we are best informed to resolve the issue.

Student FAQs

How do I access my Vizi?

Sign into your Blackboard account and you will find your Vizi located within Courseload.

How do I navigate Vizi?

Navigate Vizi by using the menu on the right side of the screen or the timeline located at the bottom of the screen. View and review Vizi videos. Read and reread the text within Vizi. Play and replay the interactive games and exercises. The more you interact with Vizi, the more you’ll learn.

If I get interrupted, can I continue where I was working, or must I start over?

There is a pause button to briefly stop a Vizi lesson at any time. However, after 60 minutes of inactivity, your session will expire and you need to refresh Vizi by refreshing your browser.

How long does it take to complete one lesson?

While there is an approximate completion time in the Table of Contents of each Vizi, variety and interactivity are the hallmarks of Vizi Courseware. Therefore, the length of time it takes to complete a lesson depends on the individual student and the Vizi content.

What information will I miss if I turn off the Pop-up option in Vizi?

The information contained within the “pop-ups” consists of extra material that varies from basic definitions to in-depth information about the topic of study. When a pop-up appears in the media window and you click on it, the images are “swapped” out. When you finish with the pop-up, you can return to where you left off by clicking the frozen image in the upper right hand corner of the Vizi screen.

Who do I contact if I run into a problem when accessing or submitting information through Vizi?

If you run into a technical problem, please complete a Support Request. You will find a link to this form above the Table of Contents in your Vizi. By thoroughly completing this form, we will be best informed to resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Recommended Practices

Encourage students to actively use Vizi as a learning tool

Guide students to actively use Vizi as a learning tool – not just passively watch it – similar to how they might reread a portion of a textbook for better understanding. Urge students to pay attention to the learning objectives. Encourage students to take notes, ask questions, and talk to their peers about helpful and enjoyable portions of Vizi. Teach students to be as repetitive as they need to be – replay videos, revisit interactive exercises, and review difficult concepts.

Start with Vizi

Assign Vizi lessons first. Experiencing the rich multi-media Vizi interface, provides students a cognitive framework that helps organize and interpret information they will encounter in your lectures and assigned readings. Experiencing Vizi first will provide students with a foundation from which to build a deeper meaning.

Get your students to do the assignments

It sounds simple, but in today’s Digital Age, students are bombarded with information, and teachers are forced to compete for their attention. Educators must convince students that the assignments matter. Make it clear to students why you selected the Vizi lessons you did, as well as the purpose, value, and relevance to the course. Make explicit connections between the Vizi lesson and in-class activities, written assignments and exams. Support and encourage the use of Vizi as a learning tool by previewing and promoting the next Vizi lesson in class.

Hold your students accountable for Vizi lessons

Communicate to students the value of the Vizi assignments by designing assignment-related tasks worth points that will affect their final grades. One accountability option is written homework – students respond in writing to the Vizi assignment. Another effective alternative is a daily quiz on the assignment’s major points. Offer participation points to students when they complete and submit Vizi assessments. Develop test questions based on Vizi content or use the quizzes included within Vizi to award points. Allocate points for students demonstrating familiarity with the readings when responding orally to questions about the Vizi.

Create a Community of Learners by Using Vizi in Class

Today’s globally connected society naturally supports communities of learners. Technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. Your challenge as 21st century educators is to help students navigate the information age – how to build learning networks and take advantage of learning opportunities. By incorporating Vizi into the classroom, we can foster communities of learners. Use segments of Vizi within the class to promote group discussions and group activities. Leverage social media to continue the conversation after class through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Moodle, or the Blackboard Discussion Board.