Indiana State Budget Committee Members Explore Vizi

Muncie, Ind. (October 10, 2013) – Don Engel, President and CEO of Vizi Courseware, introduced members of Indiana’s State Budget Committee to Vizi this morning.  The presentation was part of the Budget Committee’s visit to Ball State University.  During the presentation, committee members were invited to interact and experience various Vizi texts in the presence of instructors who use Vizi.  “It was fun for those in attendance to experience the interactive multimedia texts that we have created.  Their engagement was evident from the moment the demonstration began.” said Engel.

About Vizi
We believe engagement is the key to student success. That is why we publish unique, online, interactive, multimodal texts that improve learning. Designed for students in higher education, Vizi uses interactive simulations, games, animations, graphics, videos, and text to engage students in their studies. The transformative results of this media-driven, multimodal focus have been confirmed; independent laboratory research confirms Vizi improves results by as much as three letter grades.

For more information, contact Steve Davis, Vice President