Vizi’s Multimodal Texts Welcome Ball State Students

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Students return to BSU with multimodal texts

Muncie, Ind. (August 18, 2014) – Fall classes are underway again at Ball State University, with more than 65 sections of nine different courses using Vizi texts.  “Approximately 2,500 students are using Vizi this semester, and we are excited they have been given the opportunity to engage actively in their studies using Vizi just as they learn by actively engaging outside of class in their daily life” says Don Engel, President and CEO of Vizi Courseware.  “Students will learn by interacting with Vizi’s multimodal, media-driven lessons.  Using the simple analytics we provide, instructors will be able to use limited class time to dive deeper into subjects knowing which students have been introduced to the concepts covered in Vizi lessons.  Whether traditional lecture, flipped, blended or online, instructors for these courses can expect more of their students, and students will expect more of themselves.  In the end, student outcomes are better with Vizi.  It should be a great semester.”

About Vizi
We believe engagement is the key to student success.  That is why we improve learning by publishing unique, online, interactive, multimodal texts.  Designed for students in higher education, Vizi uses interactive simulations, games, animations, graphics, videos, and text to engage students in their studies.  Vizi is used in all types of classrooms, whether traditional, flipped or online.  The transformative results of this media-driven, multimodal focus have been confirmed; independent laboratory research confirms Vizi improves results by as much as three letter grades.

Steve Davis, Vice President