Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology

Students are led in the critical evaluation of biology in solving personal and social issues.

Subject Matter Expert: Dr. William Rogers


Lesson 1:  DNA
Basic DNA Structure – RNA – Protein Synthesis –
DNA Fingerprinting – DNA Technology

Lesson 2:  Ecosystems and Energy Flow
Energy Flow – Chemical Cycling – Environmental Issues

Lesson 3:  Population Growth
Growth Formulas – Exponential Growth – Growth Patterns

Lesson 4:  Population Growth Outcomes
Human Population Growth – Danger of Rapid Growth –
Factors Impacting Growth – Future Scenarios

Lesson 5:  6th Period of Extinction
Mass Extinctions – Rates of Extinction – Biotic and Abiotic Factors –
Preventing Extinction

Lesson 6:  Building a Strategy
Preserving Biodiversity – Saving Endangered Species

Lesson 7:  Scientific Methodology
Major Steps – Proper Experimental Design

Lesson 8:  Science vs. Non-Science
Criteria for Scientific Investigations – Good and Bad Science

Lesson 9:  Natural Selection
Genetic Variation – Population Genetics – Types of Natural
Selection – Artificial Selection

Lesson 10:  Genetic Trends
Zygotes – Stem Cells – Genetic Screening



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