Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

Gives an understanding of theories and research on social structures, processes, and problems.

Subject Matter Experts:
Mellisa Holtzman, PhD
Chadwick Menning, PhD
Melinda Messineo, PhD

Lesson 1:  Overview of Sociology

Connections to other Social Sciences
Thinking like a Sociologist
Applying Sociology to your World

Lesson 2:  Developing a Sociological Imagination
Individual-Level Thinking
Sociological Imagination
Sociological Thinking

Lesson 3:  Methodology
Research Methods
Validity, Reliability, and Causality
Research Literacy

Lesson 4:  The Power of a Social Structure

Lesson 5:  Socialization

Family, School, Peer, and Media Influences
Total Institutions

Lesson 6:  The Power of Culture
Material Culture
Nonmaterial Culture
Values, Norms, and Social Sanctions

Lesson 7:   Race – Construction and Effects
Construction of Social Categories through Interaction
Sociohistorical Forces
Persistent Inequalities

Lesson 8:  Gender – Construction and Effects
Gender as Social Construction
Sociohistorical Forces
Persistent Inequalities

Lesson 9:  Social Class – Clarity, Conflicts, and Consequences
Class: Definitions, Ideology, and Scope
Social Mobility
Critiquing Class Systems

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