Introduces and develops understanding, for first year students, of composing and critiquing written and multimodal texts.

Subject Matter Experts:
Paul Ranieri, Ph.D.

Lesson 1

Composing, Play and Expression

  • Learning as Play
  • Joyful and Compelling Learning
  • Intellectual Play
  • Composing and Learning
  • Composing as Living

Lesson 2

The Basics of Rhetoric

  • Defining Rhetoric
  • A Matrix of Discourse Types
  • Ethos
  • Pathos
  • Logos
  • Kairos
  • The Role of Persuasion in Life

Lesson 3

Responding to Multimodal Texts

  • Multimodal Expression
  • Applying Rubrics to Single Mode and Multimodal Texts
  • Planning and Purpose
  • Assessing and Revising

Lesson 4

Ideas and Voice

  • Expressing Voice
  • Ideas and Invention
  • Purpose and Structure
  • The Demands of an Audience
  • Voice and Character

Lesson 5

From Personal Ideas to Public Expression

  • A Diagnostic Tool
  • Composing as Choices
  • The Evolution of a Text from the Personal to the Public

Lesson 6

Performance Development

  • Composing as Performance
  • Composing/Performing Processes
  • Goals, Directions, and Plans
  • Reflection and Revising
  • Chunking
  • Metacognition and Procedural Knowledge

Lesson 7

Style and Editing

  • Guidelines for Clear, Direct, Concise Style
  • Agent + Action
  • Improving Flow
  • Shape and Elegance
  • Style and Democracy

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