Proven Outcomes

What if we could actively engage today’s students in a relevant way?

Darrell Butler, a cognitive scientist and professor of psychology, used his department’s psych lab to study Vizi compared to traditional texts. Butler and his team tested more than 450 students in a laboratory environment. The students were divided into two groups, each of which was given 45 minutes to study either a multimodal or traditional text. All texts contained the same information; the traditional text was extracted from major educational textbooks in the field. Students then took identical examinations. In all cases, students who used Vizi’s multimodal texts outperformed those who used the traditional texts — in most cases by significant margins (as much as two full grades). The lessons studied were in biology, psychology, and math.




The lab results for the various Intro to Biology lessons confirm that Vizi’s approach produces better outcomes in every area studied.  In one case, as much as a 31% (three letter grade) improvement.

Similarly, the Intro to Psychology lesson results were overwhelmingly positive, with one or two letter grade improvements in every lesson.  Finally, in the Math lesson studied, Vizi learners outperformed others by a full letter grade (see summary chart, above).  The laboratory research confirms that the differences in learning by using a traditional textbook compared to Vizi are significant, and in all cases studied, Vizi learners performed better — not less than one letter grade to as much as three letter grades.




Math125 Graph


The prior charts show the results of laboratory research.  In addition to that work, sections of Math in the Liberal Arts utilizing a Vizi were compared to those not using a Vizi. For the same content and using the same selected questions, the results confirmed that students using Vizi outperformed students without it.  This time, by nearly 20 percentage points, raising the grade average from a D to a B.

Learning outcomes matter, and whether in a lab or in the classroom, Vizi works!



Student Reaction.  Lisa Huffman, of Ball State University’s Teachers College, surveyed student reactions to Vizi as a study and course resource.  The students reported that Vizi was simple to use and improved their sense of learning and appreciation of the class.  Importantly, they also agreed that use of Vizi facilitated better engagement in the classroom.