Review Board Feedback: Initial Reactions

For Immediate Release – April 4, 2016

Muncie, Ind. –Vizi is actively working with its Review Board members to continuously improve the experience for both students and faculty.  After their initial four to six weeks using Vizi, each Review Board member was asked for feedback.  The comments below are highlights of the responses received.  We are looking for more Review Board participants – please let us know if you are interested in participating.  And remember, free trial access is available by going to and requesting access by clicking the green button.

  • “I spend less time reiterating what the textbook says, as the built-in assignments serve as accountability for the content.”
  • “I like the built in assignments because I can hold students accountable without lugging around a bunch of papers.”
  • “Vizi is better suited to teach visual literacy and how to transition between modes, mediums, and genres.”
  • “I like the combination of short video segments, visuals, examples, and interactive lessons because they address every learning style. No student is at a disadvantage due to their learning style.”
  • “I think that because of its multimodal delivery system, more students will learn the concepts than would through traditional instruction.”
  • “So far, my students seem to be enjoying using Vizi.”
  • “My favorite aspect of my role change is that I lecture less and am able to spend more time on the students’ writing, dedicating more class time to the writing process.”
  • “What I like best about Vizi is the powerful, deep, and interactive meaning it adds to education and writing.”
  • “Students love the interactive learning experience and I like how easy it is to see all of their answers/responses on the same screen!”
  • “[As compared to another online resource] I feel like Vizi is easier for the students to use with our sometimes unreliable Internet connection and it is more straightforward.”
  • “I think [Vizi] gathers interesting material for students to access in ways traditional texts do not.”
  • “I loved the Rhetoric Matrix and found it an excellent way to show students how arguments can be made in many modalities. I didn’t have to search out all of those sources on my own.  They were all right there!”
  • “So far, I like the way students get what may seem like redundancies, but are actually lessons dovetailing. I love the fact that I don’t have to do all the work.”

About Vizi
Our purpose is to transform lives by making education more engaging.  That is why we publish unique, online, interactive, multimodal texts.  Designed for students in higher education, Vizi uses interactive simulations, games, animations, graphics, videos, and text to engage students in their studies.  Vizi is used in all types of classrooms, whether traditional, flipped or online.  Independent laboratory research confirms the transformative results of Vizi’s media-driven, multimodal focus – improving results by as much as three letter grades.

Steve Davis, Vice President