Spring Feedback: Ball State University

For Immediate Release – May 15, 2015

Vizi engages students, improves results at Ball State University

Math Instructor Quote Spring 2015

Muncie, Ind. – In 2013, the Math Department at Ball State University adopted Vizi’s Math in the Liberal Arts in 2013 for all sections of MATH 125 as part of a larger course redesign. The Vizi text had been identified as effective at improving drop, failure, and withdrawal rates due to its online, interactive, multimodal approach. After two years of engagement with the Vizi text, faculty from the Math department recently reported strong results:

  • “Overall course grades [with Vizi] are generally higher than in previous, non-Vizi semesters.”
  • “Students who use [Vizi] receive As and Bs in the course without exception, while most of those who do not use [Vizi] are struggling to pass the course.”
  • “94% of the students who completed at least 80% of the Vizi assignments received an A the class. In comparison, all of the students who received a D or an F completed less than 80% of the Vizi assignments.”
  • Instructors also reported students using the Math Vizi said they found it to be very helpful, interesting, and beneficial to their understanding of the concepts.

Vizi is making a difference in courses at Ball State University, and is ready to do the same for instructors and institutions of higher education across the country.  Contact Vizi today to arrange a demonstration.

About Vizi
Our purpose is to transform lives by making education more engaging.  That is why we publish unique, online, interactive, multimodal texts.  Designed for students in higher education, Vizi uses interactive simulations, games, animations, graphics, videos, and text to engage students in their studies.  Vizi is used in all types of classrooms, whether traditional, flipped or online.  Independent laboratory research confirms the transformative results of Vizi’s media-driven, multimodal focus – improving results by as much as three letter grades.

Steve Davis, Vice President