Vizi Forms English Comp Review Board

For Immediate Release – January 4, 2016

Muncie, Indiana – Vizi Courseware is pleased to announce the initial members of Vizi’s English Composition Editorial Review Board.  The Review Board consists of respected educators striving to stay abreast on up-to-date teaching methods to best ensure the success of their students.  Review Board participants represent an array of higher education institutions and teach a variety of students including traditional and non-traditional learners.  These educators have chosen to adopt Vizi Online Texts as the primary study resource for their English Composition students in the spring and fall semesters during the 2016 calendar year.  They have committed to closely reviewing the texts as they work through the year.  The review includes an examination of the content within the text, the interface for both students and faculty, and the overall experience of using Vizi Online Texts as a learning resource.  “We are excited to work closely with faculty from across the country to understand how Vizi is improving student engagement and to continually improve our online, interactive texts.” says Don Engel, President and CEO of Vizi Courseware.

Participants in the English Composition Editorial Review Board are:

Melissa Faulkner, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Cedarville University – Cedarville, Ohio

Dr. Melissa Faulkner teaches Basic English, Composition, and Visual Rhetoric at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, where she also serves as the coordinator for the University’s Writing Across the Curriculum program.  Her research interests include memoirs as retention and critical thinking tools, story analysis, and the organic connection between Writing Across the Curriculum programs and assessment.  Dr. Faulkner has received multiple Excellence in Teaching awards, including one from the Southern Ohio Council of Higher Education.

Roberta Henson, PhD
Professor of English and Director of The Ink Well
Indiana Wesleyan University – Marion, Indiana

Dr. Roberta Henson teaches Freshman Composition at Indiana Wesleyan University.  A teacher in higher education for more than 25 years, Dr. Henson developed and serves as the director of the IWU writing center.  Dr. Henson is currently collaborating on research for a manuscript entitled Questions Students Have About Culture, Race, and Ethnicity: a Biblical Perspective.

Bonnie Markowski, MA
Faculty Specialist – Rhetoric and Composition
University of Scranton – Scranton, Pennsylvania

Ms. Bonnie Markowski teaches College Writing at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.  Ms.  Markowski started teaching students on college campuses more than 25 years ago and has received a number of awards including the University of Scranton’s Provost Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching in 2005.  Her research interests include composition pedagogy, digital writing, utilizing technology in the classroom, and multimodal rhetoric.

Stephanie Quinn, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
McKendree University – Lebanon, Illinois

Dr. Stephanie Quinn is an Assistant Professor of English and teaches an impressive list of writing courses at McKendree University in Illinois.  Dr. Quinn serves as the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Composition at the University.  Some of her research interests include new media writing, digital literacy practices, and community engagement and other activist writing approaches.

Andrew Sippie, MA
Adjunct Instructor, English Composition
Jefferson Technical College – Hillsboro and Arnold, Missouri
St. Charles Community College – Cottleville, Missouri

Mr. Andrew Sippie serves as an Adjunct Instructor of English Composition at two higher- education institutions in Missouri, Jefferson Technical College and St. Charles Community College.  Mr. Sippie is experienced in teaching traditional and online courses, and has served in a variety of roles at four different writing centers ranging from tutor to creator and manager.  Mr. Sippie is dedicated to providing learning-centered, hands-on classroom activities for his students.

Dani Weber, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
SUNY Sullivan Community College – Loch Sheldrake, New York

Dr. Dani Weber is an Assistant Professor of English at SUNY Sullivan Community College.  She has years of teaching experience ranging from English as a Second Language, to Introduction to Shakespeare, to Basic Composition.  In addition, she has directed writing centers at Ball State University, Eastern Oregon University, and the University of Pittsburg at Bradford.  Her research interests include curriculum development and program design along with social justice, political discourse, family literacy, teaching and composing with technology, among others.

About Vizi
Our purpose is to transform lives by making education more engaging.  To do so, we publish unique, online, interactive, multimodal texts designed for students in higher education.  Using interactive simulations, games, animations, graphics, videos, and text to engage students in their studies, Vizi is a learning resource helpful in all types of classrooms, whether traditional, flipped or online.  Independent laboratory research confirms the transformative results of Vizi’s media-driven, multimodal focus – improving results by as much as three letter grades.

Steve Davis, Vice President