What We Do

rhetoric screenshot1What is Vizi?

Vizi Online Texts are unique, interactive, multimodal learning resources delivered online and designed to engage students and improve results. Built with the help of great teachers in higher education, Vizi lessons prepare students for interaction with their instructor and classmates through rich media experiences.


Vizi Explained

Original. Vizi Online Texts respond to the increased expectations of a digitally savvy, new generation of learners who read images and media as easily as prior generations read text. Vizi understands that new tools are needed to meet the evolving demands of today’s learners, and Vizi uses these tools to enable professors to teach effectively in multiple classroom settings – flipped, traditional, online, or blended.

Interactive. Vizi provides an experiential environment that engages students to read, think, and study using tools they prefer when learning or being entertained – media and the web. Students are better motivated to prepare before class, freeing up instructional time for the instructor.

Proven. Lab research confirms that students who use Vizi are more successful than those using just traditional texts. Students report higher levels of personal engagement and satisfaction with courses taught using Vizi resources.



  • Vizi improves student retention
  • Vizi fosters subject mastery
  • Vizi improves grades
  • Vizi serves students with varying learning styles
  • Vizi provides continuity for courses with multiple teachers
  • Vizi provides teachers with basic analytics to gauge student preparedness
  • Vizi combines traditional, proven content with today’s media and methods
  • Vizi provides students common learning experiences and vocabularies



Vizi has a variety of videos introducing and explaining our courseware as well as words from the authors of the courses. You can find all these videos on the Vizi Courseware Channel on Vimeo.