Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Why should I use Vizi for my courses?

Because Vizi texts are engaging and self-paced, students come to class better prepared, which gives teachers an opportunity to use class time differently.

Does Vizi help improve learning outcomes?

The research shows that Vizi not only improves learning outcomes, students prefer it to traditional texts. Learn More

Do my students still need their traditional textbooks?

Vizi is textbook-independent so it can be paired with any textbook or supplemental reading that you choose. In some cases, teachers replace the traditional textbook with Vizi.

Will I know if my students are using Vizi?

Vizi offers analytics for instructors to monitor student engagement with each lesson as well as general data about daily student interaction. 

Can I access the assignment answers students submit in Vizi?

Vizi provides a dashboard to view assignments aswers, the time the answer was submitted, and recommended responses, to use in grading. It also offers the ability to sort responses by student or assignment. You can view the responses online, or export the responses into a PDF or Excel file.

Who should students contact if they experience a technical issue?

Vizi is sophisticated technology. While the interface has been tested, as with any digital platform, it is possible for technical errors to occur. The best place to start when an error occurs is to view our Help Center and if a solution for the problem isn’t listed, submit a support ticket

What topics do you currently have Vizi texts for?

Our full catalog is available here. If you don’t see the topic you teach listed, contact us to find out if we plan to develop a text in it soon. 

Recommended Practices

Start with Vizi

Experiencing the rich multimedia Vizi interface provides students a cognitive framework that helps them organize and interpret information they will encounter in your lectures and assigned readings. Experiencing Vizi first will provide students with a foundation from which to build a deeper meaning.

Encourage students to engage with Vizi

Encourage students to take notes, ask questions, and talk to their peers about the parts of Vizi they find helpful. Teach students to be as repetitive as they need to be – replay videos, revisit interactive exercises, and review difficult concepts.

Make use of the Vizi assignments

It sounds simple, but in today’s world students are bombarded with information, and teachers are forced to compete for their attention. Educators must convince students that the assignments matter. Make it clear to students why you selected the Vizi lessons you did, as well as the purpose, value, and relevance to the course. Make explicit connections between the Vizi lesson and in-class activities, written assignments, and exams. 

Hold students accountable

Assign points for completing assignments in Vizi and grade responses to ensure student comprehension. Incorporate questions from the content covered in Vizi into quiz and test questions given in class. Award points to student demonstrating familiarity with the Vizi content when responding to questions or discussions in class. 

Create a community of learners by using Vizi in class

Today’s globally connected society naturally supports communities of learners. Technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. Your challenge as 21st century educators is to help students navigate the information age – how to build learning networks and take advantage of learning opportunities. By incorporating Vizi into the classroom, you can foster communities of learners. Use segments of Vizi within the class to promote group discussions and group activities. Leverage social media or learning management systems to continue the conversation after class.