Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a Vizi Self-Learning Course?

Vizi Self-Learning Courses are engaging, self paced, multimedia texts. They can be used to supplement learning for students in an existing course, or by anyone who wants to learn a topic using a tool with proven learning outcomes.

How does a Vizi Self-Learning Course differ from a Vizi Online Text?

Vizi Online Texts are designed for use in the classroom, tied to specific courses, and submit assignment answers to an instructor.

Vizi Self-Learning Courses are for anyone learning a new topic and provide resources to self grade assignments.

What topics are currently available?

Our full catalog is available here.

Are Vizi Self-Learning Courses only for students?

Vizi Self-Learning Courses are a great resource for anyone interested in learning. These self-paced, multimedia texts make learning fun and engaging.

Does Vizi help improve learning outcomes?

The research shows that Vizi not only improves learning outcomes, students prefer it to traditional texts. Click Here to view a full study that was done on Vizi learning outcomes  

Access Questions

How long does my access to Vizi last?

Access lasts for one year from the date you enter your access code. After that, you can extend your access by purchasing and entering another access code.

Where can I purchase access?

Access can be purchased through Amazon. After completing your purchase, you’ll be given an access code redeemable for one year of access to the selected Vizi Self-Learning Course.

Can I access more that one Vizi Self-Learning Course with the same account?

Yes. Simply visit the Vizi Self-Learning Course Registration Page, log into your existing account, and enter your access code.