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Flexible Start Dates

Start training new employees as soon as possible instead of waiting until a new training session starts. 

Flexible Training Speed

Allow trainees to progress through their learning at a speed that’s right for them. Advanced learners can get started in their new position sooner and those who need it can take the time to master the material.  

Online Training

Online training means new employees can start getting up to speed without needing to come into the office, which means the training schedule can be flexible and efficient. 

Knowledge Checkpoints

Vizi is set up with knowledge checkpoints so that trainees can easily check in and make sure they are understanding the material. 

Training Manager Tools

Vizi offers analytics for training managers to monitor trainee engagement with each lesson, view data about daily interactions, as well as see assignments answers and the time the answer was submitted.


With all of these features, training managers can train more employees using Vizi, making the training process more efficient.