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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why should I use Vizi for training?

Because Vizi texts are engaging and self-paced, they are more efficent for both training managers and trainees, saving valuable time. 

Does Vizi help improve learning outcomes?

The research shows that Vizi not only improves learning outcomes, when Vizi books are used in college classrooms, students prefer them to traditional texts. Learn More

How is training content created?

One of the things that makes Vizi special is the way we combine multimedia, usability, and learning theory to bring content to life. We can use existing training materials, or work with your best training managers to create an interactive and engaging Vizi. 

Trainee Questions

Will I know if my trainees are using Vizi?

Vizi offers analytics for training managers to monitor trainee engagement with each lesson as well as general data about daily trainee interactions. 

Can I access assignment answers trainee’s submit in Vizi?

Vizi provides a dashboard to view assignments answers and the time the answer was submitted. It also offers the ability to sort responses by trainee or assignment. You can view the responses online, or export the responses into a PDF or Excel file.

How do trainees access Vizi?

There are two options for setting up access to Vizi.

One is to link Vizi access to a learning management system so that trainees can click directly through to Vizi content. 

The other is to set up accounts for each trainee that they can manage themselves.