Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Students explore case studies and experiments to understand human behavior.

Subject Matter Experts:
David Perkins, PhD
Kristin Ritchey, PhD
Stephanie Simon-Dack, PhD


Lesson 1:  Psychological Disorders
Schizophrenia – Mood Disorders – Anxiety – Recovery

Lesson 2:  Causes of Psychological Disorders
Depression – Biological, Cognitive and Environmental Factors

Lesson 3:  Understanding Treatment
Medications – Insight Therapy – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – 12-Step Recovery Groups

Lesson 4:  Erikson’s Stages of Development
Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development

Lesson 5:  Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development
Stages of Cognitive Development

Lesson 6:  Moral Development
Stages of Moral Reasoning

Lesson 7:  Measuring Intelligence
Intelligence Testing – Reliability, Validity and Fairness

Lesson 8:  Social Psychology
Stereotyping – Cognitive Dissonance – Conformity – Obedience

Lesson 9:  The Neuron
Parts and Functions of a Neuron – Action Potential – Function of Proteins

Lesson 10:  Anatomy of the Neuro Brain
Central Nervous System – Anatomy of the Brain – Neuropsychological Dysfunction

Lesson 11:  Decision Making
Base Rate Fallacy – Confirmation Bias – Availability Bias – Gambler’s Fallacy

Lesson 12:  Thinking
Metacognition – Metacomprehesion – Metamemory – Categories & Concepts – Schemas – Semantic Networks

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