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Vizi Self-Learning Courses are engaging, and can be used to supplement learning for students in an existing course, or by anyone who wants to learn a topic using a tool with proven learning outcomes.

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Vizi Self-Learning Courses are engaging, self-paced, multimedia texts. They are great for anyone interested in learning a new topic, or skill. Vizi Online Text also provides resources to self-grade and assess your learning.


Learn with a wide selection of self paced, multimedia texts.


A number of videos from our Vizi Self-Learning Courses are available on Youtube.

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Test yourself with self-grading to track  learning progress.

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Vizi offers a wide variety of different class subjects for every learner. If we don’t have the topic you’re wanting, let us know!

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Take it from our users! Vizi Self-Learning Courses are helpful, easy to understand, and works at your own unique pace.


The combination of the lectures, visual slides, popups, diagrams, and quizzing was a great way to learn new complex concepts.



With Vizi, everything in class made sense. I never felt lost in class and lessons felt so much more interactive and like I was a part of the learning.



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