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Vizi Exam Prep is an easy-to-use, multimodal resource designed to help you review and retain information covered in the exam.

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Vizi Exam Prep simulates the actual BCBA exam and has unique lessons based on the task list. Customize your approach by finding weak points in a pre-test, then hone your skills through lesson modules, flashcards, and post-review tests.


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Pre-Review Tests

Start with a pre-review test to assess areas of focus.

9 Content Modules

Learning modules are broken out into nine subject areas with short pre and post-review quizzes.

Study flashcards are included in each module.
Post-Review Tests
Get ready for the Exam with two full-length post-review tests. Scores returned include task list references for each question.

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For every 44 kids, 1 is diagnosed with
autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


of children make substantial gains through ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy

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Our Exam prep software covers all the topics that will be on the BCBA Exam! Our extensive approach will start you with a pre-test
so you can discover your weak points and improve on them! From here, get a handle for what the real deal is like with our 2 post tests.

Assess where to
focus skills

Module 1


Module 2

and Principals

Module 3

Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation

Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7


Module 8

Selecting and Implementing Interventions

Module 9

Personnel Supervision
and Management

Post-Test 1

Practice what
you’ve learned

Post-Test 2

Practice what
you’ve learned

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Students work hard to achieve their degree, but national pass rates on the BCBA® exam suggest some graduates never have the opportunity to use the skills developed in their coursework to help the increasing number of people in need of BCBA counseling. Vizi BCBA® Test Prep helps graduates be successful in passing the exam so they can serve future clients.
Shannon Dieringer, PhD, BCBA-D

Department Chair and Professor of Special Education, Ball State University

More than just a bank of test questions, Vizi BCBA® Exam Prep equips students with the skills and confidence to prepare for, and pass, the certification exam. The course allows you to study at your own pace, focus on areas you choose and take the exam when you are ready.

Kim Zoder-Martell PhD, HSPP, BCBA-D

Assistant Department Chair and Associate Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis, Ball State University

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