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About Us

Vizi exists to transform lives by making education more engaging.

Through an interactive learning platform leveraging multimodal learning principles, Vizi engages learners in various settings:

  • students in courses where Vizi is a required text
  • people looking to learn on their own
  • employees being trained as part of their job

We believe engagement is the key to learning success, and we create online, interactive learning materials to engage learners in ways traditional textbooks or training manuals cannot. Through the use of multimedia presentations and various media types such as interactive exercises, animations, and simulations, we deliver a pedagogically rigorous and multimodal learning experience. The core of Vizi is multimodal learning design, using standards and principles which provide a discipline in design that leverages various learning styles and provides common learning experiences proven to be effective in successfully achieving learning objectives.

Vizi began when Ball State University’s Institute for Digital Entertainment and Education (IDEE) initiated a project in 2005 to develop new media tools for learning in the digital age. The goal of the IDEE project was to use today’s technology to create a learning environment that engages students in a relevant way leading to improved student success.

In 2012, Vizi was formed as a separate entity with professional staff.  The platform is now in its 3rd generation, having matured from its original, flash-based beginnings, added features, and created a faculty and corporate management dashboard. Additional iterations continue, keeping Vizi’s content and platform relevant and in-line with best practices.

Beginning in the classroom and ultimately expanding to individual learners and corporate training partners, Vizi has been field tested and the research is in! Learners prefer Vizi over traditional paper-based methods and Vizi significantly improves learning outcomes.