Students with Advanced Potential

Introduction to gifted education: An interactive, multi-media approach

Effectively models the elements of good curriculum, instruction, and assessment for gifted learners.

Subject Matter Experts:
Virginia Burney, Ph.D.
Kristie Speirs Neumeister, Ph.D.


Lesson 1:  The Need for Gifted Education

Funding – Academic Progression – Academic Work Habits – Academic Production

Lesson 2:  Characteristics

Cognitive Characteristics – Affective Characteristics – Identifying Issues

Lesson 3:  Program Components

Component Diagram – Leadership Levels – District, Building, and Classroom Responsibilities

Lesson 4:  Identifying Gifted Learners

Alignment – Identification Measures – Selection Procedures – Appeal and Exit

Lesson 5:  Serving Gifted Learners

Acceleration – Enrichment – Service Options

Lesson 6:  Curriculum for Gifted Learners

Planning Curriculum – Pre-Assessment – Differentiated Curriculum – Characteristics

Lesson 7:  Teaching Gifted Learners

Approaches – Bloom’s Taxonomy – Instruction Techniques – Classroom Management

Lesson 8:  Assessing Program Effectiveness

Assessing Outcomes – Example Student Work

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