Self-learning courses

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Teaching Students with
Advanced Potential

Effectively models the elements of good curriculum, instruction, and assessment for gifted learners.

8 Lessons


Students explore case studies and experiments to understand human behavior.

12 Lessons

Graphic Design

Provides knowledge of basic graphics through learning exercises drawn from the work of professionals.

6 Lessons


Students are led in the critical evaluation of biology in solving personal and social issues.

10 Lessons


Gives an understanding of theories and research on social structures, processes, and problems.

9 Lessons

College Math

Students analyze the uses of math in everyday life and are guided to think critically.

8 Lessons

Juvenile Justice

Examine societal explanations for and treatment of juvenile delinquents, including the role of various social institutions.

9 Lessons

Research and Writing

Introduces and develops understanding, for first-year students, of composing and critiquing written and multimodal texts.

13 Lessons

Communication Technology and Electricity

Students explore the fundamentals of basic electricity for non-engineers.

9 Lessons